When I was growing up in the mountains of Austria, I received a precious gift for my life: My grandparents taught me to enjoy the beauty of nature and the respectful treatment of the earth’s resources.

After my studies in Germany and at Stanford University in the USA, I have been working for over 25 years as a freelancer in Lighting and Set Design.

I had the chance to work in all major theaters in the world and culture festivals like Salzburg, Bayreuth and Verona. Also it gave me much pleasure to do the lighting design for large events like the Olympic Games in Athens or at El Janadriyah Show in Riyadh and many more.

For the last 15 years there were increasing orders in the fields of architecture and landscape lighting. Nowadays, the application of new technology allows to create the required connection between effective and spectacular design and to implement energy consciousness.

Everything is connected to everything. Everything we think and do has consequences. This knowledge of modern quantum physics is reflected in my work and the materials I use. To provide quality means to take care and act responsible with our resources.

If a lighting system is durable and yet extremely economical in the consumption of energy, already two important criteria of my work are met.

However, the most important remains, to emphasize the beauty.

Let it be the stunning architecture of a building, the exquisite interior, or lending special magic to a beautiful garden at night. Because:

Just the light makes beauty visible